Prague sity tour with guide-photographer

Prague private tour with guide photographer Swans on the waterfront Charles Bridge view

Summer is back so we continue early morning Prague private city tours with guide-photographer. Today we were wandering along the streets together with our new friends – Julia and Alexis. Have a look at the places of attraction ...

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Photographer in Barcelona on the one hand and individual guide on the other

La Sagrada Familia tour in Barcelona with personal guide

¡Hola Amigos! If your plan is to visit amazing city of Barcelona, to enjoy the sights and attractions, to discover what do and where to go in the capital of Catalonia as well as to get acquainted with new interesting people you ...

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Budget wedding photographer in Prague

To get married - to spend pretty money? Recently the prices for the wedding photography were raised by almost all the photographers not only in Prague and Czech Republic, but also in other European countries. The reason for such ...

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Top 10 places to go in Amsterdam

phographer in Amsterdam

If you have ever asked google about where to go in Amsterdam and what to do there, you came to the right place, since this article well help you to make your own map of exploring the capital on the Netherlands together with a ...

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Guide-photographer in Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam – the city of canals, lax morals and romance. A photographer in Amsterdam will help you to feel this all to the full if you let him be your friend, a guide and just a fellow traveler. It doesn’t matter if you are already in the capital of the Netherlands or you are only planning your visit – keep on reading the article and you will learn how to kill two birds with one stone.

A guide-photographer in Amsterdam — who is he?

First of all, let’s make it clear who a guide-photographer in Amsterdam is and why it is worth using his services. Imagine, you come to Amsterdam and by some lucky chance you meet an old friend of yours who lives here — he can’t but suggests helping to feel the atmosphere of the city and  showing all the sights. A guide-photographer can replace such a good friend for some time! Of course, you can do your homework and spend hours in the library or on the Internet reading a lot of information about different cities, their history and sights. But the main problem here is to plan your tour thoroughly so that to be able to visit as many places as possible and not to be disappointed.

Photographer in Amsterdam

The team Cheezz.ME is at your service. The team suggests its help in organizing and conducting great Amsterdam excursions and tours for individual tourists and travelers. We say “NO” to traditional tasteless group excursions – the most important thing for us is the wish of a client. You are the master of your day.

Why do more and more tourists choose our service?

A photographer in Amsterdam is a unique proposal.

How does it all work? You enjoy sightseeing as well as the charm of Amsterdam photography. On coming to the hotel after a 48-hours’ great Amsterdam excursion on foot in your mail-box you will find a letter with a link to the precious photos.

How long does the excursion last?

Usually it lasts for 3 hours but if you feel that you are full of energy and is eager to continue your acquaintance with the city you can easily extend your walk for an hour or two providing your friend-photographer has no other arrangements. As a result, more places, more emotions, more photos. The policy of our company is to provide the service of conducting excursions and  Amsterdam photography at reasonable prices, so don’t be shy to say “thank you” to your new friend” and give tips to him.


We know how to thank our clients for their trust too: after your first photo session in Milan, Prague, Barcelona and Rome we give you a 10 % discount. It will help you to save money for your further tours or you can share your experience with friends who you are going to travel and want to have not only unforgettable emotions but also great photos.
You can easily write to us and order a unique service. We are willing to answer all your questions: a guide and a photographer in Amsterdam. You can find details in Contacts.

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