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Prague sity tour with guide-photographer

Prague private tour with guide photographer Swans on the waterfront Charles Bridge view

Summer is back so we continue early morning Prague private city tours with guide-photographer. Today we were wandering along the streets together with our new friends – Julia and Alexis. Have a look at the places of attraction ...

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Wedding photo session in Prague with photographer

Wedding in Prague

One more wedding photo session in Prague has joined the collection of the photos of Cheezz.ME. Victoria and Ivan flew from Moscow to Prague to get married in accordance with all the laws and canons. The couple lived this special ...

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Sightseeing tour in Amsterdam with a photographer

Guide in Amsterdam tour with photographer

April for all dutch people is a very special month. On the one hand it is the begging of tulips bloom in famous Keukenhof. On the other — this is  the month, when Amsterdam and other cities of Netherlands get ready for annual ...

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Budget wedding photographer in Prague

To get married - to spend pretty money? Recently the prices for the wedding photography were raised by almost all the photographers not only in Prague and Czech Republic, but also in other European countries. The reason for such ...

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Top 10 places to go in Amsterdam

phographer in Amsterdam

If you have ever asked google about where to go in Amsterdam and what to do there, you came to the right place, since this article well help you to make your own map of exploring the capital on the Netherlands together with a ...

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Individual tour with a photographer in Rome

Colloseo in night Rome Italy

I'm sure that you have heard that all the roads lead to this city, but I'm even more sure that you have never heard about such a unique offer as having a sightseeing tour around attractions with photographer in Rome. What do I ...

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Guide-photographer in Milan

Milan and shopping are practically synonymous, but if you want also to combine it with a walking tour, and moreover get bright and lovely photos with Italian sights as a background, you’ve found the right website. Guide-photographers from cheezz.me team can help you to find the answers to the most burning questions: where to go, what to see, where to find reasonable prices, beautiful views, tasty pasta and exciting stories? Our, no, your personal photographer in Milan, is ready to answer all these and many other questions.

Photographer in Milan

A guide-photographer is willing to share with you the relevant information about the history of the city; he also will show you the major architectural and cultural places of interest, monuments, and as well will be helpful to give directions in the city. Come on to Milan, you’ll have real fun!

 Is it your first time in Milan?

Sightseeing in MilanIf it’s your first visit to Milan, then do not hesitate and rely on your guide-photographer who knows this city like the palm of his hand. Can you hear it? This is our harsh and uncompromising “NO” to ordinary group excursions. We just offer a unique approach to each of our friend-clients which helps to make up an ideal Milan tour for you.

Individual approach

I’ve said it on purpose that each client is a friend to us. It is always so that you give a great portion of the best offers, services and some sweet little things to your best friends. Yes, it is so! Your photographer in Milan will become a personal multi-purpose guide who is always eager to accompany you to different sightseeings, shops and restaurants. And please, don’t forget that you’ll get excellent Milan photography. I hope there is hardly a person who has a desire to leave this fascinating European country without lively and memorable pictures.

A photo session in Milan with a guide-photographer is aimed at both individual tourists and travelling friend-groups. So let’s put aside shopping for some time and dive into a historical component of this city by coming to grips with the places which are highly recommended by our photographer.

What is to see in Milan?

There is a unique cathedral in Milan which has some magic power to get together the parish and crowds of tourists every day, like the cathedrals in Prague, Rome and Barcelona. The size and the construction of Duomo di Milano are really impressive.

What to do in Milan

What else? A great many of never-ending narrow streets, the castle, emerald-green parks, boulevards, and whatever more that you’ll come across while making your Milan photography. You can make photos anywhere you want not only at the pre-planned sights. This is another advantage of an individual walking tour with your guide-photographer.

It’s up to you to choose the daytime and the route of your photo session, and the order of the places to visit as well. Our advice is just for recommendation. Therefore if you are interested in this special offer – a photo session and a Milan tour with an individual photographer, you are welcome to leave a request at our contacts.

Photographer in Milan

I just can add that pre-planning and pre-booking of an individual tour will allow you not to miss a unique opportunity to combine an excursion with a photo session in Milan, and moreover you can spare some money. You profit:

  • sightseeing tour around Milan
  • photo session
  • new friend
  • sincere recommendations
  • lovely photos

Try on our offer “photographer in Milan”.

Believe me — it will suit you!

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