Guide-photographer in Prague

Photographer in Prague

Photo tour in Prague is like a basic sightseeing city tour, but with one very significant option. You don’t simply explore new sights of the city in a big group of people, but walk with a personal guide, who narrates you various interesting information without overloading your brains with facts. On the other hand your guide is a photographer, who takes professional photos with you and Prague views. We offer you quite a unique service with reasonable price and high quality. Isn’t it amazing to feel free to follow any direction while your walking tour around Prague?

Who are photographers and guides in Prauge? is a team of photographers in Prague as well as worldwide. We know the city of your destination very well and are able to show you the most interesting and fascinating places and of course to take amazing «city and you» photos.

Individual guide in Prague

We aim to show tourists, that city tourism is not boring and has a lot of positive and exciting features, provided you don’t join big group of people, but take individual guide and photographer in Prague or Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris or any other city of World. Once you get the first photos from such a tour, you will never ever miss the opportunity to quote our service more and more in new cities.

Photo tour in Prague

Why is it so attractive? is a perfect deal both for individual tourists and groups. Any time you would like to start your Prague and Czech Discovery, feel free to book your personal photographer for a sightseeing tour. The reason one should follow this advice is that for fiar price we offer 2 in 1:

  • sightseeing tour in Prague
  • photos from the attractions ready within 48 hours after the city tour

It is absolutely unique offer! You should try and check how many likes and repins your photos will get! To book your guide and photographer in Prague, please fill out the contact form with the information about the dates and your destination.

Photographer and guide in Prague: prices

early booking (14 days before the tour)

  • 4 hours 230 Euros
  • 3 hours 170 Euros
  • 2 hours 120 Euros

late booking or booking in Prague (provided we have free guides)

  • 4 hours 300 Euros
  • 3 hours 220 Euros
  • 2 hours 150 Euros

Book a tour today or ask for details!

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