How to get from Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport and back?

Railway station in Amsterdam Tours

You are going to spend several days or weeks in Amsterdam? You want to be an independent and knowledgeable tourist, who easily copes with all difficulties? Then our advice how to get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam will be useful for you. We’ve worked out the route step by step.

Railway station in Amsterdam

Railway station in Amsterdam

So, the starting point is the railway station. We won’t take a taxi, but a comfort train, which doesn’t give way to cyclists, runs on time and costs 10 times cheaper than any taxi. Let’s go! At first we are going to buy tickets.

Tickets to Schiphol

A blue plate with a white beautiful arrow – the logo of NS company, which is very comfortable transport operator in Netherlands.

Amsterdam Centraal

You can also check the timetable on their web-site. So you can easily buy tickets on-line or right at the station.

Transport in Amsterdam

Well, we are at Amsterdam Central, and we are going to Schiphol. The ticket office is left of the entrance. Do not worry, if you see a long queue, cashiers are real professionals and work fast. The cost of one ticket you can see at a sigh plate.

Schiphol airport in Amsterdam tickets from railway station

On such a plate you can also find all the information you need:

  • The train to Schiphol Airport
  • Runs every 15 minutes: at -14, -29, -44, -59 minutes
  • 14A platform
  • Cost of one ticket is 4,40 EU

Way to the platform

We are passing by ticket barriers and going to the very end. You have the ticket, which is valid all day long. Tickets may be checked in the train or left unchecked.

central station in Amsterdam

Platform 14A is in the very left part. Just go to the platform 14 to the left and you’ll appear near the timetable.

Platform 14a Amsterdam centraal

Well, we are taking the train, choose a blue sit (it’s the second class), that’s what we need. Enjoy reading fresh newspapers, which are on each table.

Train to Schiphol airport

After 30 minutes you’ll see the platform, there you should get out of the train.


Note! If you are going to an airport for the first time, look around, and if you see people with suitcases moving to a bus or train, they can be your hint.

airport Schiphol

Then, when you get out of the train, you should escalate and you’ll appear right at Schiphol Airport. Note! You are at one of the greatest airports in the world. If you don’t believe us, check it by yourself.


Here you can not only board a plane, but also to get married. Since 2006 one can marry right at the airport. That’s why I suggest your early coming to the airport, so that you have a chance to walk along the traffic centre, through which 40-50 million people passes yearly. Schiphol is one of the top 3 world airports. That’s why we can easily call it Amsterdam attraction.

Schiphol airport

We are upstairs now. Look around and you’ll see the tables with flight arrivals and flight departures.

Schiphol arrivals

We need the least one, as we need to fly away, but only to return again.

Schiphol departures

Find appropriate flight. Then remember the gate, the one which consists of numbers and letters. Look around and find plates with numbers. Now these are your main guides.

Gates in Schiphol

I usually find my gate and then strolling along cafes, shops and so on.

airport in Amsterdam

When you appear in such a waiting room, it becomes clear why Schiphol Airport is the leading airport in Europe.

Schiphol waiting room

Every business centre can envy as the space is used reasonable and pragmatic. Comfort is above all.

Departure from Schiphol

Now, the only thing is to wait for my flight and have a happy landing! Hope after my article you won’t have any troubles to get from Amsterdam to the airport Schiphol and back.

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