La Rambla in Barcelona

La Rambla in Barcelona Tours

La Rambla is a fabulous place, which reflects spirit of Barcelona, its culture and architecture. To visit Barcelona and not to stroll along La Rambla is like to be in London and not to visit Piccadilly, or Times Square in New York. It is just  a kilometer-long street. But you’ll find, souvenir and flower shops, street actors, a market, a church, restaurants, hotels and even an opera house here. Such a street can be only in Spain, only in Barcelona. And right now, we’ll take a stroll.

Tour with photographer and guide in Barcelona

It’s better to start your walk with a photographer-guide from Catalunya square. La Rambla is divided into 5 zones, each of them is full of sights of Barcelona. Let’s begin!

Rambla Canaletes

Rambla Canaletes is the first point of our individual tour around Barcelona. There is a drinking fountain. By the legend, if you drink some water from this fountain, then you will defiantly come back to Barcelona. Some time one can see tourists, who come to the fountain for several times. Seems, they do want to visit Barcelona again and again or even to stay here for always.

Rambla dels Estudis

Rambla dels Estudis is the next one. Its name is originated from the university, which was there once. Much time has passed ever since. Now you can find a bird market and a nice church of Holy Mother of Bethlem here. Rambla dels Estudis is the best place to relax: you can hear birds’ sinning or to pray in the church.

Rambla de les Flors

If the babble of birds calms down, and you feel smell of flowers, it means you’re at Rambla de les Flors. This is the most beautiful and fragrant part of the street. It’s a real paradise for girls! Guys, do not forget to present a bouquet for your ladies. Flowers are always fresh here. There is a place for real gastronomes as well. Do you love to eat as much as I do? Come one, I’ll show you the right place! Mercat de la Boqueria – the main city market of Barcelona. Here you will find absolutely everything: from mollusks and hamon to a juicy mango. An interesting fact about the Boqueria: one may become a seller only if his parents and grandparents and so on worked here. They do propagate their job like a family heirloom. No pays-off, no cuts.

Ramblas dels Caputxins

Here we go. Gran-teatre Liceu is waiting for us, which is at Ramblas dels Caputxins. There is one of the best sound-system in the World in this theatre. So do not miss a chance to visit one of its performances. All of them are gorgeous! You won’t regret. But despite its fame and popularity, worse fate befall Liceu. Everything started, when it was built on the premises of a burnt nunnery. This coursed serious citizen discontent. One day, one discontented came to a performance and threw a bomb right at the spectators. As the result 20 of them were killed. He threw the other bomb, but it didn’t blow. This was almost 200 years ago. But there was another tragedy. In 1995 a fire burst out. Liceu burnt almost to the root, but fortunately it was salvaged and rebuilt. Now it is the best place to spend one of the evenings in Barcelona.

La Rambla de Santa Monica

The least part is La Rambla de Santa Monica. Despite such a saint name, this area has being for always associated with lust. It’s said, Pablo Pcasso himself allowed his sin and was a constant guest in bordels. His favoutite one was Carrer D’Avinyo, it is supposed, he ruined there. However, dear men, if you decide to have a one-night stand, be attentive and not mix up a girl with a nicely smiling lady boy, there are much of them here. And those, who do not want to have such an adventure, can visit museum of erotic at La Rambla.

Columbus monument

Further Rambla passes into Portal de la Pau square with Columbus monument. It is made of 30 tons of bronze. By the plan of the architect, Columbus should point out at the New World, whence he came to Barcelona, but for some reason, he points at Africa.

La Rambla  is a warm heart of Barcelona. Life never fades away here. People, noise, beautiful sights create unique atmosphere of the city. In order not to miss a thing, book a photo session and an excursion in English in Barcelona. Photo tour with a guide will be a great addition to your trip. We will shoot your every single smile and make great photos of you in front of sights of Barcelona.

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