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If you have ever asked google about where to go in Amsterdam and what to do there, you came to the right place, since this article well help you to make your own map of exploring the capital on the Netherlands together with a photographer in Amsterdam.

First impression of the beauty one can get from the viewing photos of Amsterdam with the description of places to go. There are plenty of both on the net, but none can fully reflect the atmosphere of this city, because you can feel it only yourself.

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We recommend you to book a personal guide and photographer in order to have both interesting tours around the sights as well as to receive beautiful photos. Our professionals do know the most attractive places of interests.

Actually Amsterdam is usually associated with full freedom of outing with any possible variants to get spaced-out. But you should not limit yourself with the smoking and going to different sexual performances. The ancient city is full of museums of fine and modern art, huge and unique collections are represented in various exhibitions.

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For example the Weigh House is the very place where the tradesmen and sailors had to bring all the goods they wanted to sell in Netherlands in order to weigh them. There they received the document with stated names of the items and their mass, so the buyers knew the exact figures. Nowadays the Weigh House in Amsterdam is a museum.

Another museum worth visiting is the Madame Tussaud»s museum located near the Dam square will take to the fairy tale full of emotions and unexpected characters on your way. The exhibition differs greatly from basic wax museums. Everyone from a kid to a grown-up is sure to get unbelievable impressions of going to the Madame Tussaud»s museum while touring Amsterdam, by the way it is included in our top ten list of sights of Amsterdam.

photographer in amsterdamSex museum reviews the history of one of the basic human’s instinct. Visitors can see first toys, watch retro movies, photos, explore modern sex business and of course examine the biggest and the smallest male genitals and other outstanding showpieces.

Heineken museum of beer in Amsterdam is open for the beer lovers and those who want to know how things are done. During the tour around the enterprise visitors are shown the process of brewing. The guide explains basic principles and rules that one should obey in order to have fragrant taste of beer. You are free to take your camera of photographer inside in order to take photos of everything you can there. After the excursion everyone gets several glasses of fresh Heineken beer for free.

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Four other museums representing heritage of ancient times in Amsterdam are the: Amsterdam Museum with great collections of artifacts found in the territory of the city. Museum Willet-Holtuysen that used to be a house of Abraham Willet family is worth visiting. Biblical Museum has big collection of unique finding from ancient Egypt times, various religious objects and other interesting items. And of course we can’t but mention Our Lord in the Attic Museum located in the heart of Amsterdam. It’s a hidden and on of the most remarkable exhibitions in the capital of Netherlands.

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For youngsters coming to Amsterdam, one of the first places to visit are coffeeshops. There are several so-called touristic ones always full of internationals smoking and chatting. The others are coffee shops are located a bit farther from the very center and also sell good stuff, but among the visitors are mostly locals playing chess and checks.
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While touring the city with your personal photographer in Amsterdam you will see all the places mentioned and in ever one you will take a picture for sweet memories. Also your guide is sure to show you the best place to buy souvenirs for your friends and relatives.

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