Tour from Prague to Karlovy Vary

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Cozy and small town called Karlovy Vary is situated on a distance of 120 kilometers from the Czech capital, Prague. Today»s popularity to the largest Czech spa town did not come right away, it took a lot of time to the desire of King Charles IV come true, and around the source was built medical complex. According to history, it received its name in honor of the founder, Charles IV. Legend says that during a royal hunt, one of the dogs fell into a pit of water. When retinue was helping animal get out of the trap, they felt hot water. Soon, there appeared medicinal springs, and court doctor proved useful property of water and cured sore king’s leg.

Tour from Prague to Karlovy Vary

Today, Karlovy Vary is not only one of the most popular resorts in Czech, but it is the world-famous sanatorium. In total, there are 12 medical complex natural sources with different content of carbon dioxide and temperature from 41 to 73 degrees Celsius. Tell you the truth, Vary medicinal properties has not only water, but also a well-known liquor «Becherovka».

Tour in Karlovy Vary from Prague

The secret of this product is kept secret, we know only that it includes a collection of 20 herbs and water from the mineral springs.You will be able not just tell your relatives and friends about the things to do in Carlsbad, and bring them a little gift from your travel.

Attractions in Karlovy Vary photo

Karlovy Vary — is not only a health resort, but also a modern tourist complex with a welcoming hotels, inexpensive cafes and restaurants. The beauty of well-kept gardens and parks, unique architecture and ancient streets annually attracts hundreds of photographers, travelers, and people who love have a good time.

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You can visit old museum — factory Moser, where skilled reciters produce hand-made ??vases of the highest quality. Walking along the promenade of the river Tepla and visiting the largest in city Mill Colonnade is good entertainment in Karlovy Vary.

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Get from Prague to Karlovy Vary is easy; you can do it on a bus or train. It should be noted that the train ride a little longer than the bus, but picturesque scenery from windows of train will not leave you indifferent. What concerns weather, it always pleases travelers with its predictability. The summer is not hot, forests and mountains cover the city from heat, in winter cool and frosty mountain air has a wonderful revitalizing effect.

Tour in Karlovy Vary from Prague

You will not have problems with language , because almost all the inhabitants of this tourist town speak Russian. Things to do in Carlsbad are many: there are museums and galleries, riding clubs and city theater.

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With great attention speak about theaters and cinema art at the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. Since 1994 it is held every year, the festival program, as a rule, include about 200 european and world film premieres. The festival is accompanied by a variety of performances, exhibitions and music concerts.

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Be sure, the tour from Prague to Karlovy Vary — a great opportunity to get quality pictures and hear a fascinating excursion of your personal photographer, enjoy peaceful, reasonable rest and visit the most thrilling sightseeing. Over the years of mineral springs existence, six million travelers from different countries world was there. Be one of them!

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