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If you want to see one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe and can’t quench thirst for new experiences and discoveries, consider traveling for a day trip from Prague to Vienna. The capital of Austria is located in the middle reaches of the Danube, at the foot of the Alps and is surrounded by the woods, orchards and vineyards.

Where else but in Vienna you can see such beautiful scenery?

Tour to Vienna places from Prague

Walking tour in Vienna will open before you many opportunities, most importantly in this case to stock up time, comfortable shoes and endless desire to learn new things. Tell you truth, there are a lot of opportunities for tourists in this city: first of all you can get acquainted with the main attractions of the city during sightseeing tour around Vienna, and secondly, to admire the local scenery and incomparable scenery, and third to take a piece of these impressions away to your home.

To make your day trip from Prague to Vienna memorable, book a guide-photographer!

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Austrian, and in particular, the Viennese architecture combines the architecture of different cultures, absorbed the best traditions of European art, which is why connoisseurs will find a lot of interesting there. Vienna in comparison with narrow streets and Gothic architecture of Prague seems broad and spacious, especially noticeable during walking tour around the city.

Vienna has captivated many visitors with its beauty and grandeur, and for good reason. Most interesting places of the city is the Vienna Opera, St. Stephen»s Cathedral, the University, the Museum Quarter, and the Hundervasser’s house. The latter, by the way, was built about 30 years ago, by austrian artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the floors of the house are rolling, the roof is covered with earth and grass, and some rooms even planted trees. These amazing photos of Vienna attractions impress the most discerning travelers, is not it?

Tour from Prague to Vienna attractions

An interesting fact is that Vienna is a large transportation hub and a center of international offices of organizations, including the UN, the IAEA and the OSCE. Diplomats from Prague, Paris, Rome, Berlin, London, New York and other cities come to Vienna to conduct business or to sign contracts at the highest level. If the world-famous organizations trust the Austrian capital, the tourists from all over the world trust us to take pictures of their vacations, your photographer in Vienna knows exactly how to turn a photo session into holiday and present you with a lot of pleasant experiences. The travel from Prague to Vienna will not take much of your time and does not hit your wallet and experiences and get new photos for the year ahead. There are two basic ways of how to get from Prague to Vienna: the first on the bus, the second by train. Both methods are about the same cost and travel time, so the choice is yours.

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Another thing you can do while travelling from Prague to Vienna is to taste Austrian cuisine in one of the cafes or restaurants. The most popular dishes are coffee called Mélange and apple strudel. Even gourmets say that Austrian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world.

Photographer in Vienna

Want to visit Austrian capital, but afraid that it will be expensive? Clear mind of doubts, your personal photographer will hold a city tour of Vienna, tells where to go and what to see. Experience, an unforgettable impressions, acquaintance with the Austrian customs and traditions — this is an incomplete list of what you can get by visiting Vienna.

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