Photo in Prague by analog camera

Everybody wants to bring back from holiday something special, unusual, something that others do not. We don’t mean cute trinkets and souvenirs, we  speak about really unusual photographs. Our team of photographers offers you something quite surprising – photos of Prague taken on film.


We promise you to maintain our professionalism, inexhaustible love to work and endless positive, but with only one change. We put aside all their modern devices with multiple appliances and grab a real film camera.


Film cameras is an epoch, that seemed, went into oblivion. But even the most ardent supporters of the modern photographic recognize that there is something special, mysterious and subtle in film photography de Prague. Attractions of Prague create a wonderful atmosphere and present a rare opportunity to create.


Modern digital cameras automate the process; turn the moment of making a photo into a simple algorithm. With the return of film camera photography is becoming a special branch of art and opens up new opportunities to create breathtaking images.


Now for a photo shoot film cameras are increasingly being used as a gift for their significant other. Couples, romantics and just indifferent to art people will find in film images de Prague, its attractions, the quiet passing of time all experience, that is difficult to find in real life. What could be better than a fascinating sight-seeing tour, excursion to the Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, interesting places and romantic photo session?


If Paris is the city of love, then Prague is the city of inspiration, a city where people”s lives change and their world reshapes. Prague is a city in which falling in love at first sight and could not tear off this view of the beauty with which they meet there. Want to feel like a traveler?


Still in doubt where to spend vacation? Are you afraid that you will  not be able to make successful photos ? We can give you a valuable piece of advice – go to Prague and book services of photographer -guide on our website. If you have any questions, contact us and we will answer your questions. contact us.