Prague from hight: air plane tour

Get ready for something exciting! This is an absolutely unique and memorable excursion possible. Airplane tour in Prague and castles is the best solution for people who would like to see one of the most beautiful cities in Europe from the hight. The experience you get from such a tour will make you love the sky and of course you will enjoy unbelievable views over the city and its neighbourhood.

Our pilot will pick you up at the hotel or somewhere in the centre of Prague and drive you to the airport. During the flight you will know a lot of new and interesting facts about history of Czech Republic, but what is more important, you will see the amazing landscapes and Czech Castles. Depending on the rout you choose, there can be about 5-10 places of interest to fly over.

One of you can have a sit by the pilot and have a unique opportunity: to navigate the plane by yourself! During the flight you will be instructed how to do that.

Fly tour in Prague

After the tour you can have a photo shooting in the hangar and of course to take nice photos with the pilot and the plane.

Prague from hight

Depending on your wallet, desires and time you can chose among three available routs of the flight over Prague and Czech Republic. Each of them is unique and opens fantastic views on cities, villages, castles and nature: rivers, forests, mountains and so on. So please, read carefully the variant and pick up the one you feel like yours.

Red Rout:

  • duration of flight: about 30 minutes;
  • places to see: Terezin, Hazmburk Castle, river Labe, Roudnice Castle, Říp Mountain;
  • price: 230 Euros;

Blue rout

  • duration of flight: about 60 minutes;
  • places to see:  Roudnice Castle, river Labe, Kokořín Castle, Bezděz Castle   Terezin, Hazmburk Castle;
  • price: 370 Euros;

Green rout

  • duration of flight: about 100 minutes;
  • places to see:  Smečno Castle, Krivoklat castle, Točník Castle, Žebrák Castle, Karlštejn Castle, Průhonice Castle, Stará Boleslav Castle, Roudnice Castle, Říp Mountain, river Vltava,   river Labe,
  • price: 480 Euros;

All the prices are available for group up to 3 people.

Karlstejn castle

Technical information: 

  • Transfer to and from the airport is included into the price;
  • Every passenger on board is insured for 1,2 millions Euros according to Czech law;
  • Extra time for transfers and the rest take about 2 hours.

Flying tour in PragueSightseeing with pilot in Prague

To book the flight over Prague and Czech castles, please fill out the form and our manager will contact you within 24 hours. We ask you to put all relevant information: dates, number of participants, time and the rout of flight you would like to book.

Open new kind of experience with an individual flight tour on a plane in Prague