Tours from Prague to Czech Castles, Germany and Austria

If you like anything unknown and atypical, and all the sights of Prague you”ve learned, it”s time to discover new directions and go on tours of the Czech Republic. It”s worth doing to see the legendary Czech castles, ancient architecture in the rococo style and modern, narrow streets and quiet, unhurried Europe. For example, in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest you can reach through travel agencies or on your own. Few days will be enough to learn the culture of these countries, but if you want to further explore the history, traditions and customs, you should stay a little longer. We offer a double service: guide and photographer immediately, we will reveal to you the secrets of experienced travelers and show places that you will not find on a map or in road – book.

Find time to get out from Prague to Dresden. The city is often referred to as Florence on the Elbe, it was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, and then like a fabulous phoenix rose from the ruins and ashes. You can get to Dresden with comfort by bus, and a Russian-speaking guide will make you the company.

Not surprisingly, the trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov,  Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, Orlik and Moravian Kras always attracts thousands of tourists. Here you will see the Czech Republic the way you have not seen, learn the mysteries and the secrets of this cryptic country. Krumlov has not changed since the Middle Ages, this city is even listed in a World Heritage Site.

Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou  is truly great, and consists of 140 rooms, every of the halls of the palace kept intact. In the castle you can see a collection of paintings, antique furniture, glassware, luxury and trophies of all who owned the castle in different periods of history.

Castle in Czech Hluboka nad Vltavou

If you still do not know who the cavers are and what you can do in the karst caves, you will go to the Moravian Karst. Today Moravian Karst  is a protected area, there are 110 caves there , but you can visit only 4 without risk to life. Underground caves, rivers and bizarre stalactites give mystical  shade to your trip and they are required for those who are always interested in all the mysterious and unexplored.

As you can see there are a lot of attractions in the vicinity of Prague and many nearby cities, anywhere you want to go and bring home a great amount of pictures of these wonderful places. Make use of your personal photographer and your dream will come true.

Another place for fans to test their nerves on the strength – Kutna Hora. The town itself is the first place in Europe, which was marked by the fact of “silver” fever. There you can find the Cathedral of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners, and Czech Mint, where you can mint a commemorative coin. The most controversial point of this city is Kostintsa where the entire interior is composed of human bones. According to scientists, to decorate the room was used from 40 to 50 000 human remains.

If during your stay in the Czech Republic you do not visit Karlovy Vary, will be very sorry for that. Karlovy Vary is also sometimes called Carlsbad, so  it is possible to get to this place the two and a half hours. If the tour  in Karlovy Vary , you kill two birds – enjoy a real German beer and get some treatment in the mineral springs. But first things first: the royal brewery Krusovice for centuries pleases not only Czechs  beer but  lovers around the world.

Attractions in Karlovy Vary photo

During the tour you will see not only how and from what ingredients brewed German beer, but appreciate it. By the way, doctors are not just talking about the fact that beer is not harmful, but rather beneficial. The next stop on your travel route on the way from Prague must  be the natural hot springs with mineral water. There are 12 springs and all of them with different temperature and carbon dioxide content. Each of them is aimed at the treatment of certain organs and systems of the body, so if you plan your trip to combine with medication, you should consult with your doctor.

We offer you a unique service – see the main attractions of the Czech Republic with a bird”s eye view. Yes, you do not confuse, we suggest you fly over the Czech Republic. It”s amazing, is not it? If we are interested in you with suggestions, please call + 420 774 065 678 or submit a request via the contact form on our website. We”ll talk to you all the details, we will tell all the information you and schedule tours and photo shoots in Prague and nearby towns. Our staff is not only professional photographers, but also interesting.