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Here are important things you need to know before visiting Prague:

Where exchange money in Prague

Where and how to change Euros, Dollars or any other currency on Czech crowns is a tricky thing. First of all there numerous exchange offices around the city with absolutely different rates.

Where to change money in Prague

Moreover one can meet a person at the central street offering quite good sum of local currency for Euros and Dollars. In order to protect yourself from being tricked, never even speak with a cash bullion dealer outside, because instead of Czech Crowns you are sure to be given very familiar Hungarian Forints. But the latter are ten time cheaper then Crowns, therefore it is not the best deal of your life.

We recommend you to use credit card to pay at the restaurants of tourist offices and if you need cash, go to the Panska Street, where good exchange offices are situated. The rate is always the best in Prague with no tricks and limits. By the way the exchangers at the other touristic zones offer good rate as well, but the sum you change has to be quite big, starting from 1000 Euros or Dollars.

Shopping in Prague

Almost the whole city centre is covered with colourful ads of shops and boutiques. If the weather forecast doesn’t suite you clothes, there is no problem at all. For any costumer with any income there are things to put on and buy.

Shopping in Prague

If you are ok with shopping in pretty reasonable stores, visit Wenceslas Square and parallel streets with big choice of outdoor wears. But if you are searching for world known brands such as Burberry, Bulgary, Louis Vuitton and Hermes in Prague, you need to get to Parizska Street that starts at the riverside from Cechuv Bridge and goes to Old Town square. Also there several big shopping malls. One is the outlet centre named Fashion Arena. If you’d like to go there, take green line metro until the Depo Hostivar station.

There change to the Fashion Arena bus. Another big shopping place is located on the red line, station Hodov.

Public Transport in Prague

Transport in Prague is very punctual and comfortable. Day trams and metro arrive every 5 minutes.

Public transport in Prague

At night gap between trams is about half an hour. One 30-minute ticket costs 24 Crowns, about 1 Euro. If you plan to change and take means of transport often during a day, it is worth to by a whole-day ticket for 110 Crowns (≈5 €). The fine for fare dodging is about 40 Euros. Tickets are economically friendly in Prague. Taxis cost about 100-200 Crown for a drive with the centre. Transfer to the airport costs about 15-20 Euros.

Why wedding in Prague is so popular?

People often call Prague the capital of brides, because really a huge number of couples visit the city in order to get married there.

Wedding agencies offer opportunities for civil and symbolic marriages in Prague. If you or your bride has ever dreamed of having engagement or destination wedding in a castle, Czech Republic is the right place to go. If you have any questions concerning wedding in Prague, our managers are able to answer any of them. For those who searches cheap and low cost wedding photographer we have special offer.

How to book photographer in Prague

Photographer in Prague is a person who will not only capture the moment of your tour to Czech culture, but he will also take you deep in the atmosphere of pragueish life both day and night. You will see what is not shown during basic city tours, experience the legends and myths of Prague and of course will be satisfied with the quality of pictures take in front of the Prague attractions and sights. All the photographers of CHEEZZ.me team work with professional DSLR cameras only and process the photos within 24 hours, provided the photo tour was in Prague or within 72 hours if it was a destination photo session.

Visit Prague to enjoy these and other places. Book personal photographer in Czech Capital in order to get memorable ‘city and me’ photos with main attractions of Prague. To learn more information about this fantastic offer, please contact us with a contact form.