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It is hard to start an article about sightseeing tours in Prague since this is an infinite topic to discuss. Czech Capital is just one big attraction with many little ones spread throughout the city. Historical books narrate ancient periods; guidebooks described various venues and events several centuries ago. Therefore it is a pretty task to squeeze this vast data and present it as an easy and exciting reading. However, we did our best to collect reviews and opinions of tourists on the Prague sightseeing tours issue, combined it with some historical facts, and added terrific photos from Czech Capital.

This reading is essential for those planning a trip to Prague since it first looks at the city. We are the ex-pats and locals living and adoring Prague and Czech Capital. Every day we face this culture, do our best to travel and discover new places. And of course, we take pictures to reflect all the knowledge and emotions in ‘city and me’ photos. Go on!

Walking tour in Prague with a guide-photographer

The most difficult, but on the other hand, an outstanding feature of Prague is that you can walk all the time. The city center is a vast pedestrian zone with attractions, restaurants, and museums.  Therefore, tourists visiting the Czech capital book walking tours with guides and photographers. Below we give examples of tours that are of most extensive popularity.

Prague Castle (Pražský hrad)

You will start the tour around Prague from the very top of the city, on one of the most important hills in the capital and the whole country. Prague Castle is a unique place where the legislative and executive powers of the Czech Republic are practiced. Though it is a very strategic place, it is open for visitors during the day. And you are sure to love it.

Change of guards

The first officials who meet you at Hrad are the guards. I have seen several changes and traditional military procedures in various countries and can say that one is worth seeing at least once, not more.

Prague views

Get ready to enjoy fantastic views over the city while having a sightseeing tour to Prague Castle. If you are looking for famous red roofs of the old town and Mala Strana the Castle is the best place to see them.

St. Vitus cathedral

It is a fantastic example of a human’s will and desire to create. Czechs spent about 300 years to finish this incredible monument, and now it attracts tourists from all over the globe. Reasonable investments, aren’t they?

Zlata Ulichka

We have hidden tiny streets with unique and funny cottages and incredible legends about alchemists and ancient times. This is all about famous, but difficult to find Golden Street of Prague.
Charles Bridge
To proceed with your sightseeing tour in Prague, you will have to pass the Mala Strana and cross Charles Bridge – one of the top attractions in the Czech capital. There are many things to tell about this atmospheric and spiritually reach the place. First of all the Bridge survived after several extremely huge floods.

Old town Prague

When Charles Bridge is behind you, it means that another, already the third, district is ahead: Old Town, its knot of streets, and of course the famous Old Town Square. All the corners here hide something special for tourists, therefore listen to your guide attentively during the city tour in Prague.
Additionally, the tour stretches to New Town and Wenceslas Square. This is already the other part of the city, quite a different one: with lots of shops, business centers, offices and of course people. All in all this sightseeing tour in Prague including Hrad, Charles Bridge, Old and New Town takes about 4 hours, thus get ready to walk along but a very beautiful distance.

Prague bus tour

If you don’t feel like walking the whole day depicting features of the city one by one, step by step, a bus tour around Prague sights is the right solution for you. During a limited period of time, you will see the basic places: Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Dancing House, Jewish quarters, Charles Bridge, and of course Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral. This way of touring the Czech Capital is good if you are pressed for time and, for some reason can’t walk long distances.

Ghost tour Prague

Add some thrill to your peaceful Prague sightseeing tours, photo-taking, and beer tasting. We offer a unique opportunity to find out the places where well-known murders were committed, learn the most famous corners with the ghost, and plunge into the legendary histories of ancient and modern Prague. Our professional tour guides will show you the most mystical houses. Therefore one has to watch out, and ghosts are around.

Night Prague

If you are done with a sightseeing tour around the most popular place in Prague if you have enough photos on the Charles Bridge and near the St. Vitus Cathedral if your photographer took a lot of pictures of Vltava, it is high time you went on an individual night tour. Your guide will disclose the wonders of drinking real and true Absinthe, dressed with the high smoke.

Those who love Amsterdam with its legalized culture are sure to find the Czech capital very attractive. This is an individual sightseeing tour in Prague at night. At the end of the evening, provided the tourists have enough desire and opportunity to control the movements, the way goes to one of the Prague striptease clubs. Don’t waste your opportunity to learn the other, night Praha.

River Tour Prague

Vlatava is a unique river. It seems to be calm and slow at first sight, but if you get closer to it, especially near the little dams spread near the Charles Bridge and the Dancing House, you realize how strong the stream is. Therefore it’s twice more interesting to take a riverboat tour along with the well-known Old Town, Mala Strama, and Prague Hrad. We would recommend booking an evening 3-hour trip with dinner included. The city’s lights turn Prague into a fairy tale place with a fantastic atmosphere of calm. On each ship, there are two decks: the lower is for having dinner the upper is an open one, where the tourists can breathe fresh air and enjoy the views, take photos in front of the main visible sights. In order guests don’t fall asleep after long Prague tours, the whole during the evening the boat trip on the Vltava a band plays either popular or Czech traditional music. So everyone is sure to enjoy the river tour in Prague.

Singing fountains Prague

Another option to spend an evening in Prague is to enjoy a singing fountain’s performance. This is a fantastic show, interesting either for kids or grown-ups. Streams of water rise and fall, jump and hide in the dark. The light is well combined with the music. The latter, by the way, can be classical or popular; it depends on the day and time of the performance. So basically, singing fountains are more about sitting and viewing. Thus it’s an excellent way to rest after long sightseeing tours around Prague. Our company will book the best places for you and your friends and organize a transfer to the show and back to your hotel.

Traditional Czech dinner

Every evening in the very heart of Prague, not far from the Old Town Square, something extraordinary happens. Tons of meat and thousands of beers are consumed for several hours by hundreds of people gathered in one place. Of course, all of them come to this place to try traditional Czech cuisine as much as they can eat with several glasses of beer or wine. But that is not everything.
Traditional Czech dinner is also associated with outstanding performances: dancing girls, huge Czechs fighting on the swards, traditional music, and a fire show. Bon appetite, or at they say in Prague, “dobrou hut’.” team has a booked table in the most accessible place on the underground floor with the best view of the performance.

Black theatre Prague

Long ago in Czech appeared first Black theatre and with the flow of time, it became more and more popular evening time passing in the country. Today such kind of performance is widely spread around the globe, but the most significant concentration of black theaters is certainly in Prague. Some of them are good, the others — not. Therefore the team would like to recommend one of the most popular performances — WOW Theatre. The play is based not only on the professional skills of actors but also on modern technical devices that help the crew plunge the audience into the depth of the idea. So we will book you the best seats at the performance of one the most famous theatres of shadows in Prague.