Golden Lane in Prague

Zlata Ulicka or Golden Street in Prague

One of the most fairy tale attractions in Prague is Zlata ulička or the Golden Lane of Prague. I guess if you have ever received postcards from Prague most of them were with Vltava and Bridges, but also with tiny and cute houses painted in very bright colors.

The lane is hidden in Prague Castle and it is pretty difficult to come across. One should be aware of its location to visit this sight. Zlata ulička is  “must see” place.

History of Zlata Ulička

Historians claim Zlata ulička to be the place in Prague where all handicraft and jewelry production was made in the ancient times. All the production was given to the royal family, that lived just around the corner or the castle wall, in Prague Castle.

Golden street in Prague


Histiry of Zlata StreetBut obviously there is another version. Charles IV is known as a very educated person with advanced ideas and strong will. Ones he decided to gather all the alchemists from Europe and other parts of the globe in one place (in Prague) to accumulate the knowledge and efforts to find philosophical stone. THose who agreed and came to Prague lived and worked in little houses.

The Golden Lane in Prague is so called grandmother of modern Silicone Valley where groups of scientists work on certain problems and issues. Though it sounds really true to life, this opinion should also be regarded as another interesting legend of Prague.

Where and when

Today from 10 AM till 6 PM various masters craft and sell unique and quite good souvenirs in the Golden Lane’s houses. Children like this place very much, because due to little height of the houses, they can watch through a window and see what happens inside. And there are a lot of things to observe. Sometimes even the parents and grown-ups forget about their age and behave like kids. Isn’t it amazing?

The Government had to spent a lot of money to renew and reconstruct some of the old cottages at the Golden Lane. Therefore they decided to charge fees for the entrance, so don’t forget this when walking around Prague.

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How to get to the Golden Lane:

Address: Zlatá ulička, 110 00 Praha 1 – Hradčany

Metro station: Malostranská