Charles Bridge in Prague

Charles Bridge in Prague is one of the most recognizable attractions in Prague. Every day thousands of tourists strive to cross 520 meters to see magic views over Vltava River and Prague Castle. Everyone finds something interesting and memorable, while crossing the bridge. Go for it, enjoy the views of Prague, relax, breath,  wave hands to people on sailing boats, listen to street music, buy handmade souvenirs and pictures for all your friends and family, kiss and make wishes. And, of course, do not forget to take photos of the Charles Bridge.

Tour in Prague with photographer photo on Charles Bridge

Our photographers in Prague know the best spots, time and light to have a beautiful and unique shots. Photos taken by your personal guide-photographer in Czech capital will fully reflect your stay in this fairy tale city. And of course one of the top and obligatory spots in Prague – Charles Bridge is included into you individual walking tour.

The history of the bridge and its statues

For centuries from the height of several meters 30 statues of saints have been tirelessly watching citizens of Prague and tourists. You are also under sight therefore don’t forget to raise your head up. Each of the statue on Charles Bridge has its story. But the most interesting one has the St. Jan of Nepomuk statue. He was the Vicar of Prague Archdiocese. Everything was good, but suddenly by the order of King Wenceslas John was thrown off the Charles Bridge into the river.

Statues at Charle Bridge photo

The legend says that in water where Jan Nepomuk drowned appeared the glow of five stars.Official church claimed this fact as miracle and from that very time St. Jan Mepomuk is depicted with five stars overhead. Historians still do not know the exact reason for the execution, since there are several versions. Discover the legend together with your personal photographer during a walking tour around Prague. The Charles Bridge history is based on many other legends.

Charles Bridge Tour in Prague with photographerMaking a wish on Charles Bridge

If you truly believe in wishes you may make even two on the Bridge. These two magic places are closely linked with the life of St. John of Nepomuk. He is thought to be patron deity of all lovers. That is why one can see crowds of tourists touching that very statue.

Our guides during the photo tour around Prague will show you the right way to make a wish on the Charles Bridge. No wonder that when in 1990 the great Dalai Lama visited the Bridge he compared the cosmic energy of the place with that he feels in Tibet. Do you have a wish?

Interesting facts

Another interesting fact is that the foundation stone of the Charles Bridge was laid in 1357, the month 9, the day 7, at 5.31. (1 3 5 7 9 7 5 3 1). Moreover, it is one of the best places for photos in Prague with picturesque view either on Vltava or Prague Hrad. That is why the Charles Bridge used to be the movie venue so often. To cut a long story short this place is one of the first in must see in Prague list.

Charles Bridge photo

  • The predecessor of the Charles Bridge was Yuditinym, named after the wife of the King Vladislav I who built the bridge
  • The Charles Bridge is one of the longest medieval bridges in Central Europe: the length – 516 meters, width – 9.5 meters
  • Up to the 19th-century the Charles Bridge was the only bridge in Prague linking the Old Town and he Lesser Quarter
  • Only in 1870 the bridge got its present name, before it was called simply The Stone or the Prague Bridge

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How to get to the Charles Bridge:

Address: Karlův most, 110 00 Praha 1