Individual tour with a photographer in Rome

Tour with photographer in RomeI’m sure that you have heard that all the roads lead to this city, but I’m even more sure that you have never heard about such a unique offer as having a sightseeing tour around attractions with photographer in Rome. What do I mean? You tour a new or even a familiar places of interest together with your individual guide-photographer. Isn’t amazing to get an excursion and lovely looks in front of the Colosseum or St. Peter’s Basilica?

Book a tour and read further what you can see in the capital of Italy.

Sights and attractions

Why is Rome so attractive for tourists from different parts of the world? It has extremely reach history and as a result of it – there are a lot of ancient constructions and buildings that serve today as attractions. The history says, that nowadays  the capital of Italy used to be the capital of The Holy Roman Empire. It is a pity that at that times there were no photographer in Rome to make at least some picture. But we are lucky to have them and the attractions in our era.

Colloseo in Rome photo

The Colosseum the first place to see

We recommend to start discovering the Italian capital with a visit to the Colosseum, the brand name of the ancient world. People always want bread and circuses. The Colosseum served as the very place where people could get both. While touring this attraction you will visit remaining part of the gallery, corridors and the rooms where brave gladiators were preparing for the fights. But it is very important to make a photo in front of it!

Photo ColloseumThe number of visitors able to watch a battle was equal to 50 000 people. Nowadays within a month this number of tourists visits this brightest example of Roman engineering. Are you among them? If not, join us. Together with your individual photographer in Rome you will visit the place and of course take amazing photos.

The Pantheon

Another place from the «must see» list of attractions in Rome is the Temple of all gods or the Pantheon. Today  it is a national mausoleum. Representatives of the royal family and the famous Italian painter Raphael are buried there. In the 7th century Pantheon served as a catholic church. Today the place  is open for tourist and visitors. So we can mark this object as the second place where to go during the excursion.

The Roman Forum

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum belongs to places which you are sure to be visited. And frankly speaking, there are a lot of reasons for this. First of all, the Forum was the ancient cultural and the political centre of the Empire. All the political decisions, debates, elections and executions took place the.

Nowadays this attraction is represented by several survived structures, but the biggest part of the Forum is covered with ancient ruins, that keep a lot of interesting stories and legends both from imperial and republic times. Do take our individual tour around the city and you are sure to enjoy visiting this place. And of course you photographer in Rome will take gorgeous photos of you.

The Trevi Fountains

We proceed our virtual tour around the city and the following place to discuss is the Trevi Fountain. Have I already told you that almost all the sights in the capital of Italy belong to must see places? This is not an exception. The Fountain is  the highest Baroque one in Шефдн and extremely popular and well-known in the whole world.  The most famous fountain in Rome named for a girl Trivia, who showed Roman soldiers the way to the spring and saved their lives.

There is a tradition to throw coins to the Trevi to have luck and of course to return her again and again. Do you feel like joining tourists who leave in the fountain every day several thousands of Euros?

Piazza Navona

Going further and further in the list of the sights and attractions, I can’t but mention the Piazza Navona. In the ancient times this square used to be the largest entertainment venue in the city. Almost all the competitions  and carnivals took place their.

Usually tourists come to the Piazza after the individual tour with photographer in Rome, to get relaxed. This can be our final destination. The Piazza Navona is reach on restaurants with vast variety of Italian national dishes the tourists may taste for pretty reasonable prices. But let us proceed and come back to the Piazza in the evening, when the square looks even more romantic and attractive.


VaticanStep by step we reach another attraction and actually another country! This is the Vatican. Actually it is the most popular in the whole World catholic place, since it is the actual centre of this religion. And politically it is a separate country located in the very heart of Italian capital.  The city-state has its own currency, post and army, laws and traditions.

Despite its small size, there are a lot of museums, churches and gardens, special attention should be pay to the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. The latter, by the way, is famous for the paintings and frescoes by Raphael and Michelangelo. In case you are interested in visiting the Vatican together with your Roman photographer, you should be worn properly: no short skirts for ladies.


Our recommendations

If you have any questions about what places you can visit, we are open to answer any of them and to provide you with the latest information. Choose out unique offer: sightseeing + photo shooting, and you will get two people in one: a guide, a new friend and a photographer. Actually it makes even three. To learn the prices and to book the service, please, fill out this contact from.