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Photo shooting in Rome
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Individual tour with a photographer in Rome

With every year more and more people get involved into the process of traveling. If we look at the map of the modern Europe, for instance, and at the map of Europe 20 or even 10 years ago, you will see how many borders disappeared from the surface. Less borders – more trips. We are able to experience new discoveries, new cultures and new people every day! Therefore such a service as destination photographer became so wide-spread.

Destination photographer

Less borders – more trips.

Such a huge growth of travellers inevitably influences the development of all touristic infrastructure. Companies working in the field has to face this increasing number of people and on the other hand they have to compete and attract more and more clients. Therefore new and new offers appear in the market.

Who is a destination photographer? project has been started in order to give people a chance to travel and to have sweet and amazing photos from the point of their destination. Do you have in your plans visiting Czech? For instance, your hotel is booked, transfers as well. Why not to hire a destination photographer in Prague who is able not only to take photos, but also to narrate you the history of the place, to show some hidden attractions and recommend only the best restaurants and places to go? It will be quite a new experience for you for a very reasonable price.

From our personal experience of trips and tours in different parts of the world, we have come to conclusion that in most cases if travellers have a group excursion with 5 and more people, especially unknown to each other, they remember only some 10% of all the information given by the guide. Do you know why?

A guide

In a new city we experience new feelings and emotions, we observe new places and discover new attractions and therefore are not always able to follow the thought of the tour guide. His does his best to give you as much information as possible, but such a huge amount of encyclopaedia knowledge is simply unbearable. Hardly anyone is able to remember all the dates when this or that bridge or building was constructed, as well as to retell all the mysterious stories about people who inhabited this or that place.

100% of interesting information and useful facts

Our offer is quite different. We want you to learn the city and its character, streets and attractions, but the way you like it. All the destination photographers working in our project know their cities perfectly well, since they live there. You may ask — they will answer. This is an individual touring and we are very flexible.

A photographer

Unlike a usual excursion, a sightseeing tour with a photographer can be characterised as completely individual. Within several hours spent with guide you will learn the city, see the main attractions and also get your amazing “city and me” photos. We usually follow one of the basic routs, developed the way you can cover more places of interest. But the photographers are open to any suggestions of yours.

A friend

So basically, a destination photographer is a new friend for you in a new city. He is an easygoing person with a camera and fruitful knowledge. He is your personal guide to culture and life of the place you travel to. The offer is worth your attention.

Goodies for our friends

Since we are already friends, I can share with you a very pleasant feature of the offer. After the shooting a tourist receives not only photos and positive experience, but also a 10% discount for further shootings in Prague, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Barcelona an other locations. This discount can be used by you directly or by your friends and relatives.

Destination photographer in Prague

Czech capital is a place with extremely huge number of attractions therefore you are sure to book a professional photographer able to make amazing shots of you and the city. Usually we start individual tour early in the morning to have the streets and broad squares free from the crowds. But this is just an option, in any case you will be given the right to choose the time and the date, in case of advanced booking.

Destination photographer and guide in Prague

The rout of the tour usually goes along Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, Mala Strana, Charles Bridge and Lennon Wall in Prague. But as I have said, we are flexible and your photo shooting is individual, therefore changes can take place even during the tour.

Photographer in Rome

— Have you ever been to the Entire City?
— To where?
— To Rome!

In any case we offer you to have quite a new vision on sights and attractions of Rome together with your photographer and guide. The Rome Forum, amazing Spanish Steps, the Vatican and many other places to go in the capital of Italy are included in your individual excursion and photosession. On the one hand the city is very old, but on the other it lives the modern life, but in Italian style. They call it ‘no rush’. Your bus is late? It is ok. The restaurant is closed until evening? It is ok. Because it is Italy! Only with a destination photographer in Rome you are sure to learn and feel the roman rhythm of life.

Destination photographer and guide in Rome

Photographer in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia is one of the most attractive cities in Europe, therefore millions of tourists go there every year.  Unlike Prague, Barcelona has its attractions in pretty far distances, therefore we recommend to have at least 3 hour photo set with a photographer and guide. The seashore, the Monjuic hill, Guadi’s masterpieces and other places to go in Barcelona are located far from each other. But in case you book our service you are sure to visit the place and to get amazing photos from your trip. Photographer in Barcelona is the right way to explore the city.

Destination photographer and guide in Barcelona

Photographer in Amsterdam

The capital of Netherlands is the place with worth going any time of the year. It is a fantastic city with its character and spirit. Historical center of Amsterdam is amazing. There are thousands of bridges there, channels and cute houses. Actually every second tourist gets lost there, what gives them the opportunity to feel the place. Together with your personal destination photographer in Amsterdam you will also get lost somewhere between the Dam Square, rail way station, the Weight house, red light streets and other place of interest.

Destination photographer guide in Amsterdam

We are doing our best to make your trip unique and comfortable. Therefore our destination photographers are ready to follow you to any direction and make photos for you and your friends. The only two things we require from you: the date and the place. So give them to us and get your offer! All the details are in contacts.

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