Summer photo shoot and tour in Prague

One bright sunny morning in summer there was no trace left from the flood which scared tourists and guests we set off for an walking tour in Prague with a private guide and photographer and a romantic photo session with a nice couple from India. They had never been to the capital of the Czech Republic before so there was no wonder that they were amazed by the city and its attractions. Bearing in mind that people pin great hopes on me and realising all the responsibility, we planned the photo session thoroughly beforehand. And Prague was at our disposal.

Tour in Prague

Where to go?

The meeting place can’t be changed. We met at the monument to St. Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square at 7 am and made our way to the Old Town. Empty and quiet streets, closed shops and restaurants, no crowds, birds were singing and it was not so hot. In such a way we try to feel the city in the morning. We made several photos on the background of the National Museum and near Café Tramvaj 11.

Cafe Tramvaj in Prague Venceslas Square

Our couple had a wonderful opportunity to admire the beauty of the Old Town Square under the spell of morning silence and sun rays which lighted up the monument to Jan Hus, the famous old Clock and the whole Old Town Tower. After Ankur and his wife Varsha had made a wish at the noon meridian we continued to get acquainted with the sights of Prague walking down the most fashionable street – Paris Street.

All the most famous and expensive brands are gathered here. As for our couple they liked Hublot and Tiffany & Co most of all and, of course, old Rolls Royce couldn’t but catch their eye. Mainly on Paris Street you can buy real Czech garnet and glass in the specialised shop EuroGoldCenter.

Photographer in Prague 

What to see?

Among sights and attractions in Prague we pointed out the most attractive once. Some of them were so-called hidden. Not all the tourist walking around the city can find for example the monument of Franz Kafka whose work our Indian couple wasn’t aware of, unfortunately.  But they promised to read some his books.

 Prague photo tour

We crossed the river and came to see the swans. These huge white birds are comfortable both in summer and in winter. Since the weather in Prague the whole year round is quite mild and the river gets frozen only once in a century, the swans don’t leave the place where hundreds of people come every day to feed them. We also decided to give them some bread for breakfast.

Swans in Prague

Kafka museum is located just round the corner and has a unique monument in the square in front of it. These are the two peeing men produced by the famous Czech designer David Cerny (David Black). Usually people get shy when they see these bodies, but not Ankur and Varsha. They found the attraction quite funny and had some nice photos from this spot as well.

Kafka museum in Prague

The following step to discover summer and still quite morning Prague was Kampa. This is an island with many attractions. By the way before going for a photo shooting and tour Ankur did some research and read all the possible information about Czech capital and Kampa was in his list of to do in Prague. Here one can find local Venice and John Lennon Wall as well as expensive restaurants and small old hotels.

Kampa in Prague

There’s a tradition among newlyweds to hang small locks on the bridge in Prague Venice – they symbolise a strong family and everlasting love. Ankur and his wife liked this idea very much and promised to take a small lock too when visiting the city once again.

Charle Bridge

What to do?

And finally we came up to our last place of our summer photo session in Prague – John Lennon Wall. It differs great from the rest of the city. It’s bright and alive. Yes, it’s alive because it changes every day – any person can take paint or spray and write or draw anything he wants. The brighter – the better. The most interesting thing is that I have never seen somebody drawing or writing something on the wall, but nevertheless – it’s alive. And the photos on its background are always positive.

Lennon wall in Prague photos

Two hours of our individual walking tour in Prague flew by and we didn’t notice how we found ourselves on the Charles Bridge – a pearl of the Czech capital, the main sight in Prague.

Charles Bridge

At the monument of John from Nepomuk each of us made a wish. This is a magic place where all the wishes come true. You may ask me why during a tour!

Make a wish on Charles Bridge

Our team is really thankful to our new friends and amazing summer morning photo shooting in Prague we made together. I hope our tour was a pleasure for you and you will leave us your review and possibly will recommend to you friends.