Photo shooting in Rome

Tourists come to Italian Capital not only because of the architecture, cuisine and atmosphere of the country, but a warm weather throughout the year. So, if you plan to have an individual excursion and to book a photo shooting in Rome, then take a dress with you. It will be warm and even hot. That is Rome in November: friendly, cozy and warm.

Photo shooting in Rome

Rome in November

Ann came to Rome from Moscow. She’s already been in the capital of Italy for several times, but only this time she decided to book a photographer for an individual tour and a photo session. As it always happens, the weather has been amazing during the photo session in Rome.

Rome in November

Ann is an experienced tourist, who knows Rome very well. As she’s already visited the city, we decided to change our usual route a little bit. We began the shooting from the Spanish Steps; not far from the hotel, where Ann stayed at.

Spanish Steps in Rome

Walking tour with a photographer in Rome

The Roman sun was becoming warmer and warmer, when we were making photos in the Eternal City. Tourist groups with guides started to tour Rome. There’s nothing wrong with such tours, but agree that it is much more interesting to walk with your personal guide, who knows the city and its places; moreover he makes photos of you in front of the fairy tale, which surrounds you. Isn’t it better? Photo session in Rome is the right choice.

Individual walking tour in Rome

Our walk was almost spontaneous, as the sun was drawing very beautiful pictures, the one we couldn’t miss. To my mind, the photographer in Rome managed to reflect all the beauty of the city as well as Ann’s one.

Photographer in Rome

Villa Borghese

As you can see, autumn is only coming to Rome. We decided to meet this golden season in Villa Borghese. This is  a gorgeous place and a huge landscape garden in the very centre of the city.

Villa Borghese

Great views of Rome and Villa Borghese.

Views from Villa Borghese

Castle of the Holy Angel

We’ve gone down from the Pincian Hill and walked on Tiber front. The road lead us to one of the most inaccessible medieval castle, the main asylum of the Pope – the Castle of the Holly Angel.

Castle of holy Angel

Such a morning walk around the city made us to change our route — hunger breaks stone walls. That’s why we went to the one of the most authentic area of Rome, Trastevere. There, to my mind, is the real spirit of the Eternal City. Trastevere became popular among tourists only 10 years ago, when bars and restaurants were being set up one after another.


We ended our individual tour and photo session in one of the best and inexpensive restaurant in Rome. To taste real Roman cuisine (lasagna, pizza Margarita and Tiramisu) is the best beginning of a new day!

Restaurant in Rome

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