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¡Hola Amigos! If your plan is to visit amazing city of Barcelona, to enjoy the sights and attractions, to discover what do and where to go in the capital of Catalonia as well as to get acquainted with new interesting people you are at the right place. is a worldwide community of photographers in Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Paris and other cities.

Our aim is to make friends with lovely people keen on traveling and searching for something new in their lives.  Specially for you we have developed a unique offer: tour around sights + photo shooting. Go and check the prices and booking requirements, but first, read the article till the very end to know all pros of our service.

Photographer in Barcelona

Photographer and guide in Barcelona

Who is it? Our photographer is your new friend, you guide and cameraman for several hours or even days of your stay in Barca. A knowledgeable person, talkative, easy going and very talented narrator with strong desire to give you as much information about the city as you need. The most positive side of our offer is that all the photo tours around attractions are absolutely individual. We don’t mind if you are not along, even if there are 4 of you, but all the people should know each other and be friends.

What to do in Barca? photographer in Barcelona knows perfectly well the city and its attractions, therefore you as tourist are free to ask questions that bother you. That is why at the very beginning of the tour you may make your own plan with sights to see. Together you will plunge into the historical facts, language issues and other interesting aspects of catalonian life.

The question ‘what to do in Barcelona’ is not your question any more, because you have found best offer: photographer, guide and a friend. Usually the friends share the best experience, guides narrate about the history and interesting places, and finally photographers do take amazing pictures and you looks from various spots of the city. It doesn’t matter if it is your first visit to the capital of Catalonia or not. Everyone is sure to experience something new.

Sights and attractions in the capital of Catalonia

Salvador Dali museum in Barcelona Spain

I should say, that pretty lucky people live in Barcelona. The climate is wonderful, the city is beautiful, but to my mind the biggest advantage is the sea. Thus every person is sure to fall in love with Barca, since all kind of facilities are available for the tourists. Sightseeing tours, museums, discos, restaurants, football and what so ever. Among all these things to do in Barcelona we have the top 10 must see places list. Let me introduce it to you.

The seashore of Barcelona

If you visit Barcelona in the period from the beginning of May till the end of September make sure that there is a swing suit in the luggage. The first beach to go is situated some 10 minutes from the city center by metro or 30 minutes on foot. The famous La Rambla leads exactly to the Old Harbor of Barcelona. There you will find several attractions:

And of course there are a lot of lawns and palms. During the day hit tourists and locals hide in the shadow and enjoy fresh air blows from the sea. The Old Harbor of Barcelona today is the parking place for both little and huge yachts.

Beach in Barcelona tour with photographer

Jumble market

If you search for some original old school souvenirs for your friends and relatives you are sure to find them here. Old watches, flags, cans, plates, figures, coins, stamps and what so ever one can only imagine are gather in one place. A bit further tourists can buy cheap Ray Bem glasses or Hoga Bos bags.

Column of Columbus

In Barcelona among the other you will find one of the biggest moments in honor of great seaman and discoverer Christopher Columbus. He has been staying in the seashore of Barca for many years and reminds everyone that it was the Spanish Royal Family whom he reported after his voyage to new continent in 1888. The column is 60 meters high and if you would like to have a look at the sea and the city with the eyes of Columbus, inside the monument there is an elevator and on the top — special viewing point. Make sure you took your camera or personal photographer in order not to miss amazing views of Barcelona.

Aquarium in Barcelona

If you have ever though of diving into the blue blue sea, but due to some circumstances haven’t got a chance to do this, you will have one. Visit to huge aquarium in Barcelona will make you love the sea even more. The unique exhibition is divided several sections, where are represented about 450 species from 35 seas and oceans. All in all there are about 10,000 inhabitants.

Aquarium in Barcelona tour with guide photographer

To visit Aquarium in Barcelona one has to buy a ticket. Approximate price is about 30 Euros per person. For kids and students discounts are available. Believe me, an hour or two spent there are worthy the money paid. Especially exciting feature of the aquarium is a moving path located in the glass tube. Just behind the window slowly pass sharks and other species. It is amazing! Mind that you are allowed to take pictures inside, but with no flash lights. This is a rule to obey.

Actually these are only several most popular sights located near the seashore of Barcelona, together with your photographer you are sure to visit other places with picturesque views and interesting locations. Therefore we suggest having at least a three hour tour in Barca to cover more places of interest, since mostly they are located pretty far from each other.

Guadi attractions in Barcelona

Let us move to very classical things to see and places to go in the capital of Catalonia. Antonio Gaudi is one of the most popular Barcelonian who created amazing and unique attractions and helped the city to look the way it looks at the moment. Therefore, I would strongly recommend before going to Barcelona to plunge into reading about the life of this talented architect and of course to study carefully his works in the capital of Catalonia and outside it.

Gaudi’s oeuvre is divided into several periods: oriental, when Casa VicensPalau Güell were created; neo-gothic with Casa Botines and Bodegas Güell;naturalist, when  the famous architect was working on Park GüellCasa Calvert. If you feel like going deep into his life and history here is a link for you. I would mention just the most popular and available buildings of Antonio Gaudi in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia

One of the most popular and extremely amazing place in Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia. Nowadays it is one of the  most impressive cathedrals in the world and one of the biggest in Europe together with St. Vitus cathedral in Prague and St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. Antonio Gaudi started to work on Sagrada in 1882 and until now it is one of the most popular in the world uncompleted construction project. Estimated date of the Cathedral to be complete is year 2026. But no one is sure about the exact date.

La Sagrada Familia tour in Barcelona with personal guide

The Cathedral is located in the city center of Barcelona. One can enter it during the day, but unfortunately only the lower level is open for tourists and laity. Even though you are sure to feel the power of the place, its spirit, atmosphere and energy. Sagrada Familia is one of must see sights and places to go in Barcelona, therefore your photographer is sure to show it to you within the individual tour around the capital of Catalonia. By the way according to the latest statistics, the huge Church was visited by about 3 million tourists. Are you among them?

Park Güell

This is another unique work of famous Antonio Gaudi. The idea of this attraction was to create kind of village in the city where well-off people could live. This concept was developed by the close friend of the architect, Eusebi Güell. But unfortunately the plans were not a success and as a result Park Güell was sold to the city of Barcelona and became one of the unique and beloved by tourist and locals place to go out with family.

Barcelona day tour with guide photographer

What is so special about this park? First of all it is located on the hill and opens amazing view on Barcelona and the sea. Especially in the evening when the lights are on and they are reflected in the harbor. Make sure that you booked you photographer in Barcelona at least for 3 hours to have enough time to visit this place and to take some photos.

Park Guell in Barcelona tour with personal guide

All the constrictions in Park Güell were built with no right angels. Antonio Gaudi used a lot of colorful elements and decoration items to make the place look unique and attractive. And it actually does look this way. In the park there are a lot of interesting places to see and even more places to enjoy amazing views in Barcelona as well as to take photos.

The most adorable element in the Güell for Gaudi was mosaic salamander at the entrance of the attraction. They call it “el drac” or the dragon. Discover other fascinating features together with your photographer in Barcelona during your individual tour around sights and attractions.

 Casa Batlló

This is another masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi in the capital of Catalonia. Before the architect began the reconstruction of the interiors and exteriors the house used to be just an ordinary one, where the family of a rich textile man Jose Ballto Casanovas used to live. When people started to talk about incredible works of Gaudi, Jose decided to have his house reconstructed as well. Thus within 2 years from 1904 till 1906 the Casa Batlló was renewed. Actual plan was to ruin the construction and to have it built anew, but the talented architect has his own plan.

Of course catalonians love this place as well as the tourists, coming each day to see the attraction. In 2005 the Casa Batlló was included in the World Heritage List. Since then the number of people willing to see this work of Gaudi increased numerously. Thousands of tourists visit this attraction. You will also get several ‘city and me’ pictures after visiting this place together with your photographer in Barcelona.

Graffiti in Barcelona one day tour with personal guide photographer

The most famous hill – Montjuïc

Barca is a city located in an amazing geographical position. Luckily to the citizens and tourists there both the sea and mountains, therefore the territory of the city is divided into several levels. Among the others, the most popular hill is called Montjuïc and unites very interesting and worth visiting sights attractions: the Magic Fountain, the Spanish villa, the Fortress and other places. Let’s have a look at them and discover what it is so special about this Montjuïc hill in Barcelona, since its history is closely linked with the life of the city.

Magic Fountain

Magic Fountain in Barcelona

This is one of the most popular night attraction in Montjuïc. The show usually starts after the sunset in order all the fantastic elements of the fountains were visible. The fountain was created in 1929, when the world’s trade exhibition took place in Barcelona. During the show dancing springs of water are illuminated with thousands lamps installed in different parts of the fountain, as well as the background – the Palau Nacional (National Palace of Catalonia).

National Palace in Barcelona night photo

The show lasts about 30 minutes. There are 3 periods of Magic Fountain works:

  • 09/03 –  30/04. Shows: 19:00 – 21:00
  • 01/05 – 30/08. Shows: 21:00 – 23:30
  • 01/10 – 06/01. Show: 19:00 – 21:00

Poble Espanyol or Spanish village

During the preparations for the famous world Exhibition that took place in 1929 in the capital of Catalonia, the organizers decided to collect all the features of Spanish village life in one place, thus the Spanish Villa was built. It is presented in the same way it used to look almost a century ago. Today the Poble Espanyol is available for tourist everyday. There one can find traditional Spanish craft, cuisine, souvenirs and many other different sings to see as well as to buy.

Anella Olímpica

In 1992 Olympic Games took place in Barcelona. To this occasion a new Olympic stadium was built and around it a lot of other sport infrastructure were erased. This place is called the Anella Olímpica or the Olympic Ring. To cover and broadcast the event from the games architects created the Olympic Tower in the Montjuïc hill.

Palau Nacional

Night Barcelona great view from MontjuichAs you have already understood almost all the sights of the Montjuïc were created for the exhibition 1929. Among them there is  Palau Nacional(National Palace). It used to be the most important building — central pavilion for the International Exhibition. At the moments it is constant location for the Museum Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and the place with extremely fantastic views of Barcelona.

Castell de Montjuïc

This is the oldest attraction of the hill. The fortress was built in 1640 and several times helped to defend the capital of Catalonia. At the moment the fortress is unfortunately closed for the reconstruction. After in the place will be used for some cultural purposes. You can get to the fortress with help of your individual photographer in Barcelona by funicular and cable lift.

Montjuïc Gardens

The hill always was a beautiful place with numerous gardens, but it seems that only in 1992 when the Olympic games we held in Barcelona, people remembered about the gardens, renewed them and even built several more. Today the most popular and interesting garden of Montjuïc is the Nou Jardí Botànic. This is a botanic garden where about 2000 species of plants are collected.

La Rambla – central street in Barcelona

This is an amazing place to go any time of the day. In the morning it is free of crowds and is hardly recognizable, because closer to 9 a.m. La Rambla is full of tourists. Actually it is a pedestrian street with a lot of places to spent your money. If you are a spendthrift person, be careful: there are to many souvenirs and goodies waiting for you. Eventually, if you feel like buying presents for friends and relatives Rambla is the right place to go. One can find there a lot of hand-made stuff as well as cheap magnets and postcards.

La Rambla stretches can be divided into 5 parts: de Canaletes,  dels Estudis, de Sant Josep, dels Caputxins, de Santa Mònica. So in case you have a meeting near La Rambla, it is better to specify the area, since the total length of the street is 1,2 kilometers. It links Plaça de Catalunya with Christopher Columbus Monument.

Another must see place in Barcelona is the Boqueria market. Located near La Rambla it attracts not only tourists, but also a lot of locals. There you can buy fresh fruit, fish, vegetable, nuts and of course the famous spanish jamon. But you should be really careful because the prices for this delicious meat vary greatly. Just look at the picture below to feel the difference.

Boqueria Market in Barcelona jamon prices

After enough touring of Barcelona with a personal photographer it is high time to buy something special for the evening. As I have said there are a lot of opportunities and facilities in Barcelona to go out, but one evening you need to devote to football, if not for a full match, but at least the famous Camp Nou 5 star  stadium.

Barcelona helicopter tour stadium camp nou in night

So, as you see, there are extremely many sights and attraction in Barcelona. All of them are worth visiting, therefore we would like to recommend you to devote at least several dates for your Barca discovery tours, because it is close to impossible cover of the locations. Also, please don’t forget to comment the article and share it in with you friends.

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