John Lennon Wall in Prague

There are a lot of places in Prague that several years ago were unknown for most of  tourists.  Among them John Lennon’s Wall in Prague. A lovely and atmospheric place.

Lennon Wall in Prague


The Lennon wall in Prague is like the speaker’s corner in London, but in Prague you don’t speak to express you opinion, but paint or write something with any aid you have. Pragueish youth, inspired by the lyrics and music of John Lennon and his friends, struggled for their rights and freedom when Czech Republic was occupied by Soviet Union.

The protest was expressed in drawings on the walls, in Lennon’s verses. The wall has been repainted several times. The authorities even tried to take video and photographs of those who painted graffiti, but it was no-go. Young Czechs, who did not support the regime, often hassled the police on the Charles Bridge. The whole spirit of the time, all the love and peace, which the youth was struggling for, today is reflected in John Lennon Wall paintings.

John Lennon wall in Prague

Bright colors

Traveling abroad is always a new experience, new emotions, new meetings. Travel to Prague, capital of Czech Republic is not an exception. When almost all the tourists know the gothic, stern castles and cathedrals, the John Lennon wall is not so popular. Several years ago the wall was hidden from people in the shade of huge trees and only recently Lennon Wall in Prague was included into the guidebooks and maps as an attraction.

One of the amazing features of this wall is that whenever you come, it will always be different. The thing is that every day there appear more and more pictures. Unfortunately, not all the artists, willing to express themselves, can do it in an esthetic and interesting way. Real masterpieces appear at Lennon’s Wall 3-5 times per year. All the rest is dirt.

Beautiful couple at Lennon Wall in Prague

When it all started

The first picture on the John Lennon wall appeared immediately after the news of the death of the gifted musician. Then the revolutionary-minded youth used the wall for messages about their dissatisfaction and opposition to the government. Fear, or the possibility to get into prison didn’t stop young people to express their opinion. The government’s attempts to expose fans or to clean the wall were vain.

Photographer in Prague

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According to many Czechs, the John Lennon wall can be compared to the Berlin Wall; it became a symbol of the overthrow of the old regime and the beginning of a new life for the whole country in 1989.

Welcome to Lennon Wall

Today the wall is owned by the Order of the Knights of the Maltese Cross, he passed wall into the hands of graffiti artists, and has nothing against this kind of creativity. Before the wall adorned with revolutionary and anti-government slogans. But today John Lennon’s wall in Prague welcomes tourists and calls for peace and love. You can save your impressions of the visit to Prague during the sightseeing tour with a personal photographer in Prague through the quiet streets, squares, castles and little known but very scenic and interesting places, which only photographers will tell you. Legend says that the most devoted fan of “The Beatles” will find on the wall a real autograph of the world famous celebrity. Who knows, perhaps you will be lucky?

John Lennon wall in Prague Czech Republic

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How to get to the Lennon Wall:

Address: Velkopřevorské náměstí, 118 00 Praha