Wenceslas Square

Waclawek is one of the most alive areas in Prague, always full of tourists and citizens rushing somewhere. This is the busiest place with intense pedestrian traffic. Moreover, Wenceslas square is a popular shopping place in Prague, while tourists are walking with eyes widely open, locals in their turn trying to get through the crowd hurry up to a business lunch or a meeting.

Wenceslas square in Prague is not actually a real square; it looks like a wide avenue. Total length of Waclawek is about one kilometer with width of less then 100 meters. There are lawns with roses and other flowers in the very middle of it with lots of benches, where tourists like to have a rest and enjoy.


Several centuries ago Wenceslas square in Prague used to be a horse market and no one could even expect that one day this place would be a symbol of national unity. Today people celebrate sport victories of national Czech teams; praguers and thousands of Czechs from different parts of the country come here to express their civic position.

The statue of St. Wenceslas has been observing the whole square from the height of several meters over the ground. In 1918 St. Wenceslas saw the liberation from the yoke of the Empire. In 1948 he heard the call of workers to give the power to the Communists and already in 1989 he supported the millionth crowd when the communism was overthrown.

National Museum is located at the begging of the Wencelas Square behind the patron of Prague. This building suffered from the attack arranged by the united forces according to Warsaw Pact. Until the 2014 the Museum is closed for visitors due to reconstruction of its halls.


Wenceslas Square nightlife is very intense and various.There are a lot of restaurants, bars, discos, cabarets and music bars. So, you can meet people attracting tourists to different entertainment venues.


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Another peculiar feature of the square is its location. Two links of Prague metro cross under the statue of St. Wenceslas. The station is named Museum. Tourists usually start sightseeing tours from this station and go ahead down to the Old town square and the Charles Bridge.

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How to get to Wenceslav Square

Metro station: Museum or Mustek

Tram №: 3, 9, 14, 24 to Václavské náměstí tram station