Tips for Choosing a Hotel in Prague – Where to Stay

Dear friends, we continue providing you with most essential and useful information about the various aspects of your tour to Prague and Czech Republic. Today we will talk about hotels in Prague. Of course there are a lot of means and resources that help tourists to book this or that hotel or hostel, but we would just give you recommendations and hints, so that you are able to choose the one that suits your requirements.

Best hotels and hostels in Prague

List of hotel and hostel in Prague

We created a list of hotels and hostels in Prague according to their location, price and of course the reviews from the tourists. So, now you don’t need to overview thousands of links, but just read the article below and choose the most appropriate accommodation in the capital of Czech Republic. You can book a room or a bed in every place mentioned by yourself.

People visiting Prague have different goal and objections. Someone travels to Czech Republic for a business trip, others look for some historical facts, histories and legends, that Prague is so reach for. But despite the purpose of ones visit, everyone has to live and sleep somewhere, it means to book appropriate accommodation in Prague.

Why should I book a hotel in Prague in advance?

Tourists arrive in Prague all year round and therefore it is very important to have early booking and general planning, since even the existing number of hotels is not able to fit everyone. Especially it may concern those of you, who wants to book a very cheap hostel in Prague or vice versa — a very expensive one. The only possible variant to find what you want for a reasonable price is to make an advanced booking. Remember, that the high season starts in Prague in May and stretches till October. And of course Christmas and  New Year are the two periods, when the number of tourists reaches its utmost.

But let us come back to the hotel and hostel in Prague issue and discuss with several interesting variants, that we can recommend to you. Where did we get this recommendations? Our tourists after have an individual sightseeing tour with a photographer in Prague, do share their impression of the place they, live, eat or go. Thus the reviews are perry objective.

To make the list we considered the following categories:

  • price
  • quality
  • reviews
  • location

Therefore I strongly recommend reading this article till the end, so that you can fully understand where and why you are going to book a hotel or a hostel in Prague.

Cheap hotels in Prague

I would say that any cheap hotel should be regarded as a hostel. There are pretty many of the in Prague, since among the tourists there are a lot students, who got used to living in a huge room with some 10 people. Of course in some hotels there are even double rooms, but mostly you have to share the room with someone else. Therefore we assume that our top three listing is not absolute, but they are really worth spending you money. Note that in most cases we give you the prices for one person.

Little Quater Hostel

Address: Prague 1, Nerudova 21, 110 00, Czech Republic
Price: 16 – 60 Euro
Location: The Little Quater Hostel is situated in the district of Mala Strana just round the corner from Prague Hrad. It will take some 5 minutes to reach the hill and enjoy picturesque views of Prague, Vltava and Petrin.From your hostel to Charles Bridge and Lennon Wall – some 10 minutes walk.
Inside: There several rooms to share and several doubles. The first one have separate showers and water closets, that makes it absolutely comfortable to live in. There is free Wi-Fi, several bikes to rent and a cosy bar in the lobby.

Little Quarter Hostel in Prague
Going out in Prague: Around the hostel, there are a lot of traditional Czech restaurants as well as attractions and sights.

Direct link for booking the hostel

Fusion Hotel

Though this hotel has several stars in its name, there are multi-bed rooms, where you can have one yours.
Address: Prague 1, Na Porici 5, Prauge, 110 00
Price: 30-50 Euros
Location: Fusion Hotel is located in the very city centre not far from the Wenceslas Square. This is the starting point for our individual tours in Prague with photographer.
Inside: This is a unique hotel with amazing interior, since there are a lot of patterns and accessories created by modern and young Czech designers. But the most significant feature of the hotel is the rolling bar. What is it?  Drop in for a drink and check this out.

Fusion Hotel in Prague
Around: There are a lot places to go out, since the hotel is located in the very centre of the city. There are several museum, a lot of bars and  discos. For example it will take you about 5 minutes to reach the famous museum of Alfons Mucha.
Here is a direct link for you to book a room in the Fusion Hotel

Plus Prague Hostel

This is the best ever solution for a group of 5 to 30 people traveling to Prague. Though it is located a bit farther from the city centre, it has a lot benefits. It takes about 10-15 minutes on a comfortable and very punctual tram to get from the Old Town of Prague to the hostel.

Address: Prague 7, Přívozní 1562/1, 170 00, Czech Republic
Price: 12-46 Euro
Location: Hostel Plus Prague is located in a calm district of Holesovice just opposite the head office of a world-known advertising company. One can get there by tram, metro and tram, or by taxi. In means of transport you prefer brings you from the city centre to the hostel within 10-15 minutes. By the way night trams are also available. They go every 30 minutes. Taxi costs about 10-15 Euros.
Inside: There is quite minimal design and very pragmatic planning of the space. Why do you need a room in such a city as Prague? First of all to store your luggage and to sleep. Thus, you have all this options in Plus Prague. Moreover every room has a separate shower and water closet. In your disposal there is a swimming pool and a sauna. This facilities are available from the early morning till the late evening.

Plus Prague Hostel
Around: Round the corner from the hotel an underground place Cross Club is located. Also there are several bars and restaurants. For beer lovers there is an interesting shop with kinds of beer you have never heard. Czech beer in is extremely fresh and has strong and interesting flavor. There are 100 kinds of beer. If you take a tram in direction of Vystaviste Holesovice, you we get to the biggest park in Prague, where every evening amazing performance of singeing fountains takes place.
Here is a direct link for you to book a room or a bed in Plus Prague Hostel

These are the three cheap and interesting hostels that we can recommend you in Prague. Of course there are a lot of them. If you have some doubts about this or that place, you may contact us and ask for any assistance.

Available hotels in Prague

What do we mean by available hotels in Prague? These are the ones that an average tourist can afford. Of course there are different views over the issue, but we just want our friends understand the price limits and quality of various variant. Anyway these are only you who make the final choice. So let’s proceed with the listing of hotels in Czech Capital.

Ibis Praha Old Town

Address: Prague 1 Na Porici 5, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic
Price: 90 – 110 Euro
Location: Hotel Ibis Praha Old Town gives a perfect opportunity for tourists willing to live in center of the city and to pay reasonable price. The hotel is located in Prague 1 district and has great facilities due to its location. Right in front of the main entrance there is a swimming pool.
Inside:  Cute rooms with cosy and comfortable design. The crew of the hotel Ibis Old Town are professionals speaking several languages. They will help you with any information you require. Every room has individual shower cabin, free Wi-Fi access. Breakfasts are of course available, but living in the centre of Prague it is better to visit nearest cafe to have your morning meal.

Ibis Praha Old Town hotel in Prague
Around: Central location of Ibis Praha Old Town hotel gives vast opportunities for tourists. You don’t have to use public transport. There are a lot of sights and attractions of Prague in distance of some 5-10 minutes walk. Around the corner there is a huge shopping mall – Palladium, with about 200 shops and restaurants.

Here is a direct link for you to check and book a room in Ibis Praha Old Town

Hotel Absolutum

Address:Prague 1 Jablonskeho 4, Prague, 17000, Czech Republic
Price: 79 – 130 Евро
Location:The hotel is situated in Prague 7 district, right opposite the metro station: Nadrazi Holešovice. So it will take you some 5-10 minutes to get from your room to the city center.
Inside: The interior is very cosy and warm. It is a very comfortable hotel with a professional crew and amazing rooms.

Hotel Absolutum in Prague
Around: In one tram stop there is Výstaviště Praha Holešovice and Sromovka park with vast facilities for families, individual tourists and sport lovers. This is the place where you can enjoy the performance of singing fountains in Prague like in Barcelona. Also from the bus station near the Absolutum Hotel in Prague you can take a bus directly going to the Zoo and Troja Chateau.

This is a link for you to book a room in this hotel

Luxury hotels in Prague

Prague is an amazing city with lovely views, a lot of attractions and amazing architecture. Also this is a city available for tourists with various number of zeros at their band accounts. You see that there are a lot of low cost places to go and to live in Czech capital. But also there are several really expensive and very luxuries hotels in Prague. Let’s also review some of them as well.

Hotel Paris

Address: Prague 1 U Obecniho domu 1, Prague, 110 00, Czech Republic
Price: 140 – 650 Euro
Location: The Hotel Paris is located in the very center of Old Town, just a minute walk from the famous Powder Tower and some 3 minutes walk from the Old Town Square. There is perfect public connections: tram and metro.

Luxury Hotel Paris in Prague
Inside:The interiors inside the Hotel resemble that of the 20th of the previous century. The personal is really professional and they do care of how you feel and what you would like to get. After long walks with a photographer in Prague you have an opportunity to relax in the Spa center of the Paris Hotel in Prague.
Around:Distance to the Wenceslas Square – 500 meters, Charles Bridge – 1 kilometer, Old Town Square – 500 Meters.

This is a direct link for you to check the prices and availability of the rooms for the dates you need

Four Seasons Hotel Prague

Address: Prague 1 Veleslavínova 1098/2a 110 00 Praha-Staré Město, Czech Republic
Price: 380-1375 Euro
Location:From my personal experience I can say for sure that 4 seasons Hotels always have amazing and even perfect location in any city. In Prague the hotel is situated in the river side, with amazing view over Charles Bridge and Prague Hrad.

Four Seasons Hotel Prague
Outside: the whole city 
Here is a direct link for you to book a room in this amazing Four seasons hotel in Prague

Exclusive Hotel in Prague

And for those of you, who are ready to pay quite a sum of money for a night in a unique place with a fantastic view on Prague, with no neighbors behind the wall. This is One Room Hotel in Prague.

One Room Hotel

Address: Prague 3 Mahlerovy Sady 1, Прага, 130 00, Чехия
Price: 1000 Euro
Location: the highest hill and tallest building of Prague – Zizkov TV tower.

Exclusive hotel in Prague
Inside: Comfortable and gorgeous apartments

Exclusive hotel in Prague only one room for booking
Outside:The whole Prague from the height of a bird’s flight.
Here is a direct link to check and book the whole One Room Hotel in Prague 

These are just several examples of hotels and hostels in Prague. All in all there are several thousands of them. Therefore we offer you the following option: to choose a hotel near certain attraction:

Old Town Square
Wenceslas Square
Charles Bridge
Prague Hrad
Dancing House