Where to Buy Czech Cosmetics in Prague

Czech Republic is famous not only for beer and Prague sights and attractions. Carlsbad cosmetics is also very popular with tourists who do take care of their skin, hair and body. Therefore in this article, I would try to share with you all pros and cons of Czech cosmetics produced at Karlovy Vary.

Czech cosmetics in Prague

Karlovy Vary

Cosmetics from Karlovy VaryIn natural resort Karlovy Vary located 150 kilometers from Prague manufacturers for several centuries have been producing natural cosmetics according to unique recipes. Women from all over the world know the brand of Czech cosmetics and traveling to Europe always buy it in numerous quantities.

Someone wants to keep hair and skin fit, the others would like to give a present to friends or relatives. Everyone is sure to find something special in these products made in the Czech Republic. Among most popular cosmetics from Karlovy Vary there are various creams, oils, toothpastes and others. But let us look inside the tube to learn, why Czech Cosmetics is so useful and weather it is at all.

Made of

The famous Carlsbad cosmetics is based on mineral water from hot springs known throughout the world. This water is really unique and medicative. It contains huge number of minerals. Thus the products made of this water in Czech Republic are really healing and helpful. Among the most popular cosmetics are the night and day creams, toothpaste and shampoos on the basis of mineral water.

natural cosmetics produce in Czech Republic

Every kind of Czech cosmetics on minerals has its function, therefore before buying a tube or a complete set, consult the shop assistant, who is knowledgable and can give the answers to all the questions of your. Testers are also available in the shop, therefore almost all the products you may test.

Cannabis cosmetics

cannabis cosmetics in PragueAs I have said before there are several manufactures in Czech Republic producing natural mineral cosmetics. Also some of them use cannabis for creams and shampoos. This products are also popular both with tourist and Czechs. Why? There are several reasons. For centuries cannabis served as the most spread herb among Slavic. People used the cannabis oil like Italians use olive.

The most important feature of cannabis cosmetics produced in the Czech Republic is that every kind of it contains huge number of vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and minerals: magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, zinetum, phosphorus and kalium. Every single constituent has its effect on human’s body. Cannabis oil helps to lock the liquid in your skin, makes the latter very soft and hydrated. It is scientifically proved that cannabis cosmetics and oil are useful to our skin like no other. Therefore don’t miss you opportunity to try some of manufactured products produced in Czech Republic.

Beer cosmetics

beer cosmetics in Prague where to buyAnother popular ingredient used in Czech cosmetics production is beer. I’m sure you have heard and read a lot about beer baths and Spa. And also you can take all this treasure with you. The only thing you need is to find an proper shop with original shampoos, creams and other kinds of cosmetics. Few lines below I will provide you with necessary information about the shop in Prague working with the best manufactures from all over the country.

Beer cosmetics helps to regenerate hairs and skin, make the body fit. Scientists working in companies study the classical formulas and add new ingredients to make it even better. But frankly speaking old recipes are quite self-saffisient and have been used in Czech manufactures for centuries.

Where to buy Czech Cosmetics in Prague

Czech Cosmetics as well as Karlsbad cosmetics is a very popular brand, therefore there are a lot fakes sold throughout Prague with this label. In order not to buy something unknown and even dangerous for your health follow our sincere advice and with the shop where me and our photographers in Prague as well as our tourists have bought hundreds of tubes and bottles with cannabis or beer cosmetics. Moreover, if you name the pass 777 to shop assistant, you receive 5% discount for your purchase.

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In this shop Karlovasrka Cosmetic, located in the very center of Prague you will find original Czech cosmetic produced by well-known manufactures: RYOR, Vridlo, Chemek, FAON, Dr. Popov, Saela, Pleva and others. This shop is sure to provide you with everything necessary to help you to keep skin healthy, beautiful and fresh. All products produced in Czech Republic are filled with the forces of nature.

So, how to find this fantastic show with great choice of Czech cosmetics? Step 1. Find Powder Tower in the Old Town of Prague Na Příkopě street. And make your way towards the Old Town Square. Tour to the right into the arch near the U Pauka restaurant.

Where to buy carlsbad cosmetics

Step 2. Pass the arch and go straight ahead.

Carlsbad cosmetics shop in Prague

Step 2.1. To your right you will pass the famous Chapeau Rouge bar and go ahead.

Shopping in Prague

Step 3. Find the shop with the name Carlsbad Cosmetics and enter it. The most important thing is to tell the shop assistant the password 777 and you will receive a 5% discount for your purchase. But in case you would like to buy a full set of Czech cosmetic, the discount is already included into the price.

Czech cosmetics in Prague

The address: Czech Republic, Praha, Malá Štupartská 7, Praha, Czech Republic