Old Town Square in Prague

 Old Town Square is one of the most popular attractions in Prague. There are several reasons. Due to location the square can be easily found even by chance, even if you don’t plan to visit Old Town square, you’ll see it for sure, because it is located just in the very middle of the historical center of Czech capital.

Old Town Square tour with personal guide photographer in Prague

History of one of the most popular squares in Prague is closely linked with markets and tortures. Tradesmen traveling from East to West of Europe used to drop in the Old Town to sell some goods or to buy a new horse. But sometimes the crowd in the square gathered not only because of reasonable prices and unique goods being sold. The Old Town Square was the place of public executions. It was a very horrible feature of that period of time.

Old Town Square in Prague

The square got its present name only in the XV century. Before it was called the Old Town market, or the Old Market. At the same time the mayor ordered to build the Town Hall there. The first astronomical clock in Check capital was installed on the tower. Locals gave it a name – Orloj. The clock tower used to be a real miracle for the Praguers. The essence and the value of Astronomic Clock in Prague has been increasing for years. More and more tourists come to see and to take a photo in front of this amazing and unique invention.

Old Town Square tour in Prague

Only Tyn Cathedral, located just opposite to Town Hall, can compete with Orloj in Prague Old Town Square. Its famous two towers of late gothic style can be viewed in any picture or photo made in the square. The inside of the Tyn Cathedral is as amazing as outside. So, while walking around Prague sights andmust see” places check it in the top 10 list.

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The House near “The Stone ringing” catches is also attractive. According to the legend, there St. Wenceslas’s grandmother lived. Today there is an art gallery open for visitors and art lovers. Another interesting building, so-called, the house “At moments” with a bright Dutch architecture. There Franz Kafka lived. Famous Czech writer used to plunge into profoundest meditation looking at the Old Town Square fuss and got inspired by the Prague views.

Jan Hus memorial is situated in the very middle of the Old Town Square and commemorates the legendary and brave character of Czech history. Jan Hus was the first person in the country who rose against the unlimited power and influence of the church on the people’s lives. He was the one to start the famous Hussity war. Nowadays Jan Hus is a national hero of Czech Republic.

Moreover there are a lot of other sights worthy your attention. You will find them out during an individual tour around Old Town Square with your personal guide-photographer in Prague. To book a tour, please, fill in the contact form.

How to get to the Old Town Square:

Adress: Staroměstské náměstí, 110 00 Praha 1

Metro station: Staroměstská