Where to buy Bohemia garnets, crystals and glass in Prague?

Prague is an amazing city that attracts more and more tourists every year. And because of such a huge amount of people coming, the number of various facilities also becomes richer. But it is important to choose only best services among everything what is presented in the market. This is a complicated task for tourists, who visit Prague for the firsts time. Therefore we give you our sincere recommendations on different aspects: where to exchange money in Prague, how to find a photographer in Europe or which place to visit and tour to choose. Now I would share with you some information about famous Bohemia garnet, crystals and glass.

Where to buy Czech garnet in Prague?

What is Czech garnet?

Garnet is a very beautiful stone with dark red color. For many years it has been a symbol of Czech Republic and its monarchy. Therefore today every lady wishes to have some jewelry made of this stone. But why is Bohemia garnet is so popular attracts so much attention?

Best places to buy bohemian jewely from in Prague

There are several legends telling us the reason why this dark red stone is so popular with people. According to one of the legends, garnet should be given from one person to another when they have to live separately for long time in order to keep their feelings warm and strong. This can a present in form of a ring with a garnet, a necklace or a bracelet. Actually it doesn’t really matter which form the present is going to be, of most importance is the idea such a gift.

best place to purchase Czech Republic glass necklaces in Prague


The second legends tells us, that Bohemian garnet is taken from the very centre of the Earth and therefore it is a very powerful stone that helps people overcome their psychological or even mental problems. Thus, bear in mind that a true stone can really help. But the most important thing is to believe and on the other hand to get the stone honestly with no tricky things. I mean if you find a garnet ring or steal it, to be on the safe side it is better to throw it away.

Where to by garnet in Prague?

Bohemia souvenirs from Prague best shop

There are about 100 little shops selling garnet jewelry in Prague and if you visit Czech capital for the first time it is close to impossible to find something special, since you don’t have enough time to check all the shops and of course you are not aware of things. The first thing to remember is that it really difficult to find real and true Czech and Bohemian garnet rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry. One should know the shop where they have all the documents and only checked by the specialists goods.

Bohemian crystal in Prague Czech Republic

There are 3 flours full of jewelry made of garnet and famous Bohemia Crystals. I assure you, that it is close to impossible to leave this huge shopping centre without any purchase. The assistance and managers speak fluent English and will help you to choose most fitting garnet jewelry and unique presents of glass and crystals. Mind the first flour of the shop is given for the stone museum, where one can discover some interesting facts about stones, to touch them and even to buy.

Bohemia crystals garnet shop in Prague


This shop is called Euro Gold Centre. It is located in the very centre of Prague just 2 minutes walk from the Old Town Square towards Pařížská street. In the scheme and map below the path from the Astronomic Clocks is shown.

Bohemia Crystals and Glass

    Bohemia glass in Prague     Garnet-stone-clock-souvenirs-in-Prague

Another peculiar feature of the Euro Gold Center is that there is vast choice of glassy and crystal souvenirs and jewelry. This are unique items that will bring to you or your friends a lot of joy. Some 20-30 years ago it was close to impossible to find anything made in Czech Republic in free trade. Today we have to opportunity to decorate the flat with a Bohemia crystal vase or to put on an amazing necklace made of glass or garnet. And of course all the stones has to be true ones.

Prague crystal jewellery

This vases will serve not only as a present from another trip, but it can become a family item, that will travel from one family to other with run of time. So don’t hesitate and visit the shop. And of course for you, our friends, we have a discount for 10% for each purchase you make in Euro Gold Centre. Also if you travel out of European Union and Schengen agreement, they will give you a tax free form at the shop. Thus a discount and tax free reimbursement makes the price extremely attractive.

Best place to get bohemian crystals in Prague

Souvenirs from Prague

Garnet stone clock souvenirs in Prague

It may happen that you don’t feel like buying something expensive or to massy, that needs to be paid too much attention until you get home, you will find little souvenirs, magnets and unique presents. Garnets and little crystals are represented there in amount of several thousands with the prices from some 20 Euros to several thousands. Such a huge gap gives everyone opportunity to choose something appropriate.

Where to buy garnets in Prague

What struck me greatly were the stone clocks. They look incredibly cool and fresh. Several of my friends have already received such a unique stone craftwork.

So let’s sum up the information given to you. Euro Gold Centre is the unique 3-flour shop and museum located in the very heart of Czech Capital. There one can buy:

  • Bohemia garnet
  • Bohemia glass
  • Bohemia crystals
  • Souvenirs
  • Jewelry

So how to find this amazing store with great choice of garnets and crystals in Prague?

garnets shop in Prague where to buy?

To get a 10% discount you have to tell the assistant the password: the name of our web-site CHEEZZ.ME. If you find this article interesting and useful, please donate us your one +1 and share the page with your friends.

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